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Hello, Internet!

As much as I hate to say this, it must happen. I am saying goodbye. I have absolutely loved this blog and all of the things it has taught me. It has truly been an adventure. But life is pretty busy right now. As you can see, my last post was back in February. My family has grown and I have taken on more hours and responsibility at work, so I simply do not have time to blog. Maybe one day in the future I can go back to it.

Thank you to all who have supported me, left me sweet comments, and encouraged me to give this a try. You guys are the MVPs!

Until next time,

The Library Lady (Andi)

One thought on “Saying goodbye.

  1. Understood… we’ll be here if you ever return. Take good care of yourself and all the best of health, happiness, and success in all you do!


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