Saying goodbye.

Hello, Internet! As much as I hate to say this, it must happen. I am saying goodbye. I have absolutely loved this blog and all of the things it has taught me. It has truly been an adventure. But life is pretty busy right now. As you can see, my last post was back in … Continue reading Saying goodbye.

Book Review – Wise as Fu*k

Oh you thought you were never going to see another book review by me... right? Nope! You know that I love my book reviews. I figured I could indulge in my love of reviews by reviewing self-help books. I know, genius idea. So here we are, ready for the first book review of 2021! As … Continue reading Book Review – Wise as Fu*k

I’m Alive!

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you all had a great weekend, and I'm sorry if your pick for the Super Bowl didn't go as planned... Photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash My Covid test came back negative, but I was still sick for over a week. Blah, no fun! But I'm finally feeling better (as … Continue reading I’m Alive!

Stuck in Quarantine

Happy Thursday! Normally I would have a new blog post up for all of you to enjoy, but as of right now... I'm stuck in quarantine. 😷 I do not think I have Covid-19, but I have experienced some symptoms and my boss and I agreed that a Covid test and quarantining for the rest … Continue reading Stuck in Quarantine

When Things Aren’t Okay

What do you do when things just aren't okay? I would love to start this post out with something positive, like an uplifting quote or a cute saying like "Happy Friday!" But right now, that's not what this post is about. Sometimes, things are rough, and no matter how much self-care or positive thinking you … Continue reading When Things Aren’t Okay